Nick Sutton

        Growing up in a military family, Nick spent a large portion of his childhood in Germany. With Germany being an incredibly dog-friendly country, Nick had a lot of exposure to well-behaved dogs and watching them compete in Schutzhund and sports. It was then that he became completely enamored with working breeds, but in particular, the German Shepherd.

        After leaving the Army, he moved to Huntsville, Alabama and rescued a young German Shepherd from a rehoming situation. After severe aggression issues began to arise, he found the need to seek out professional guidance. Through countless hours of practice, research and private training he went through the process of rehabilitating his reactive dog and made him into the loving companion he is today.

        He discovered that he had a real knack for balanced training and developed a passion for helping other struggling dog owners to improve their relationships with their dogs, just as he improved his.
        Nick has been working professionally as a trainer and dog behaviorist for almost three years and prides himself in training dogs by building quality, trusting relationships with them.

        He believes that obedience should happen with passion and enthusiasm. As someone that had an aggressive dog in the past, Nick loves to not only resolve behavioral issues but also empower people to get their family life back!


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