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        Our 4-week basic obedience training -- now online!

        Online Basic Obedience Training Course

        • Price: $150.00

        What is The Online Basic Obedience Training Course?

        Dog obedience is about effective communication. That’s what we specialize in — and now, you can too!

        With our Online Basic Obedience Training Course, you get to look behind the curtain on how we train dogs on a daily basis.

        With our step-by-step instructional videos, you will be able to accomplish a new level of communication with your dog that may not have seemed possible before!

        Are you experiencing the following with your dog?

        • Leash pulling
        • Jumping
        • Selective listening
        • No impulse control
        • Excessive barking
        • Counter-surfing
        • Door-dashing
        • No recall
        • No “off-switch”
        • And many more…

        This program can help!

        Feel empowered in the new year to take your communication and relationship with your dog to new heights!

        This process has only been available during our Alpha Instincts Obedience Training 4-week Program (valued at $600.00), but now, you can access it from the comfort of your home — for $150!

        • Training tools must be purchased separately.
        • No-risk, 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the course by the end of your first week of training.
        • This program is not designed to work with major behavioral training issues such as aggression, but can be the beginning of your training journey with your dog.

        We stand behind our product, so if you’re unhappy with your purchase for any reason within the first week after purchase, we will refund you 100%.

        Online Basic Obedience Training Course

        • Price: $150.00

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        Frequently Asked Questions

        • What is ‘balanced’ dog training?

          The balanced dog training approach is incredibly powerful when it comes to fixing & resolving the behavioral issues that reward-based training is often unable to help with. These training techniques are derived from animal behavior psychology, how dogs interact with each other in pack dynamics, and why they behave the way they do.

          By decisively, and effectively addressing the issues, in the moment, we take the most natural and common communication in dogs and help restructure home environments, establish better communication and ultimately, improve relationships between owners and their dogs.

        • What kind of dog behaviors do you work with?

          We handle many different dog behavior issues. The following are among the most common behaviors we address, but they do not represent everything we are experienced with handling:

          • Separation Anxiety
          • Recall
          • Jumping
          • Excessive Barking
          • Aggression (Dog & Human)
          • Anxiety
          • Fear
          • Impulse Control
          • Leash Pulling
          • And many more…
        • Why do you use prong collars?

          Because they work! All tools are about communication, and some tools are more effective at communicating than others. In all of our programs, we properly fit a prong collar for you to your dog. When properly fit, a prong collar is designed to distribute even pressure around a dog’s neck, and communicate information through gentle pressure that a handler can release quickly, unlike with harnesses or flat collars when a dog strains against them.

          The strain against a flat collar or a harness is actually more harmful to a dog’s structure due to the constant resistance and pulling.

          With a prong collar, we are able to eliminate tension and have a dog engage with us much more quickly when they are in a distracted state of mind. Much like someone trying to get your attention, a prong collar provides an effective, but fair, interruption to a thought process and brings their attention back to their handler.

        • What is remote or e-collar training?

          Modern remote collars, like the brand we use from E-Collar Technologies, use the same technology as a TENS unit, commonly found in physical therapy practice. The TENS unit provides a gentle, localized muscle contraction in the dog’s neck to indicate that their handler is communicating with them.

          The remote collar we use is not a shock collar.

          We find that with proper e-collar training, we are able to provide the best, most consistent off-leash reliability. Regardless of size, breed, temperament and training backgrounds, all dogs can be trained or can improve their skills with e-collar work. We are capable of building confidence, giving clear communication from a distance and establishing trust between owners and their dogs.

          We do not advocate applying this tool without a professional, as there is a proper way to condition your dog to the collar. These tools are not designed to ‘shock’ your dog into submission. The device has 100 levels and we’ve developed a training method to identify the lowest possible working level that your dog will sense. We teach them to understand that the sensation is prompting them to focus, in a calm, and positive way.

          Some of the features of the Mini Educator Collar:

          • Water-Proof
          • ½ Mile Transmitter Range
          • Digital Screen
          • LED Light for Night Visibility

          Through our Board & Train service you will learn how to utilize the e-collar and how to properly maintain your dog’s training with it.

        • Do you offer group training classes?

          Our puppy program allows for socialization and group support! Proper socialization techniques are pivotal at a young age, and we teach owners how to watch for pushy behaviors and make sure that everyone is being respectful.

          Our Basic Obedience program, however, is completely private!

        • Where is the training conducted?

          Our one-on-one training sessions usually begin in your home environment, but they transition out into public situations. We provide real-world solutions by addressing behaviors as they naturally occur.

          Both indoor and outdoor training is conducted around the Huntsville, Alabama area in dog-friendly environments.

        • What if I am having problems with my dog’s behavior after you’ve finished training them?

          Our dog training programs are tailored to fit your goals and to ensure your success when the training is finished. We make ourselves available to help you work through any issues and give you support.

          With our Board & Train services, we include follow-up sessions to continue your training journey with your dog and troubleshoot any minor issues that may have come up post-training.

          Whether you are successful in maintaining your dog’s training and behavior, ultimately, is up to you! If you’re willing to put in the work, embrace the training tactics and build a solid relationship between you and your dog, you’ll do amazing in our programs!

        • Will my dog have to wear the remote collar or prong collar for the rest of their lives?

          The training tools we use are intended for training purposes. We find that with consistency, structure, and quality training, you can find yourself using these tools less over time.

          The timeline will vary from dog to dog, as some dogs need these communicating tools longer than others.

        • What is your refund policy?

          Our program fees are non-refundable. Deposits provide a good-faith payment for a time reserved in our calendar for your dog. If you need to reschedule a Board & Train within a 60-day period, we are more than happy to credit your payment to a future date.

          It is incredibly important to us that you feel confident about dropping your dog off for the best training opportunity of their life (literally, we offer life-time support)! We encourage that you revisit our social media posts so you can reacquaint yourself with us, that way you know if we are what you’re looking for!

          The evaluation fee is refundable with 48-hour notice.

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